Nigerian beautician Sally Onome Okunzuwa dies of carbon monoxide poisoning

The death of popular Calabar-based beautician Sally Onome Okunzuwa has been confirmed.

Sally Onome who ran a top beauty salon and spa in Port Harcourt – the Rivers State capital, reportedly died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It was reported that Sally Onome had lit up a charcoal flame in her hotel room to keep herself warm in the night. She was found dead the next morning.

Breathing in excess carbon monoxide (CO) will lead to carbon monoxide poisoning of which the resultant symptoms include headache, dizziness to coma and death.

The death of Onome Okunzuwa was confirmed in an official statement on her Instagram business page.

The statement reads:

“It is with the deepest regret we bring to your knowledge the sudden demise of our beloved daughter, sister and boss Sally Onome Okunzuwa CEO SALLY SIGNATURE SALON AND SPA. Who left this world to a better place On the 23rd of August 2020 due to Carbon monoxide poisoning. The sally signature brand will like to use this medium to appreciate you all for your prayers and support.

Her brand was built on hard work, sweat, consistency and God. Please be assured that we are here to serve you bigger and better in honour of Sally Onome Okunzuwa, thereby ensuring that her brand sally signature lives on as sally would have wanted it. She was an inspiration, a hard-working lady and a beauty. Her goal is to ensure every woman attains the beauty they desire and that still stands. We look forward to reopening on the 5th of September 2020. Signed: management.”

Before her sad demise, Sally Onome was the owner and CEO of Sally Signature Salon and Spa located at No 155 Mgbuoba/NTA road, Port Harcourt.

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