Nigerian adult film actor Krissyjoh reveals he has earned over N240m from the job

Nigerian adult film actor Krissyjoh has revealed that he has made over N240m from acting in adult movies.

The adult film star shared his earnings from one of the sites on social media and it came to a total of $$600,784 which is around N240 million in the Nigerian currency.

Krissyjoh wrote a brief motivating message alongside the post where he advised other Nigerians to use “what they have” to make money that can give them peace.

The X-rated actor also thanked his fans for their support.

Krissyjoh wrote:

“240 Million Naira! E Shock You? You don’t need to steal to make money. You don’t need to scam to make money. You don’t need to kill to make money. You don’t need to do rituals to make money. You don’t need to commit crime to make money. You can use what you have to make money and have rest of mind. I thank all my fans for their support! 240 Million (N240,000,000.00) Naira no be 240 Naira. A VERY BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO ME! It’s just a testimony, not a show-off. Bad belle go hug transformer jor. NB: I’m still one of the most poorest entertainers in Nigeria.”

Following the Instagram post, Krissyjoh’s girlfriend and colleague, Marame Edet, also known as “Ugly Galz” congratulated him.

Marame Edet wrote that ”hard work” pays and told the actor that she is proud of him.

Her message to him reads:

“Your hard work has paid the price for today and I know there are better things ahead of you to achieve. Congratulations on this achievement! Words don’t have the capacity to tell you how proud I am to be your girlfriend…@krissyjohchris #PROUDLYMYPROPERTY Baby Bone Straight ohh Some will say Na the money I Dey follow yes kee yaself Na the money money ohh.”

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