Why single and married women should not join the feminist movement – Pastor Mike Bamiloye

Nigerian Christian filmmaker and founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries Pastor Mike Bamiloye has advised Nigerian women who are either single or married to avoid becoming feminists.

According to the cleric, single women who join the feminist movement could risk missing the will of God in their lives.

Bamiloye also urged married women not to join feminism if they wish to get “the best out of their marriage”.

According to the pastor, feminism wants to “contest the head of the home” and should not be encouraged.

Mike Bamiloye wrote on Twitter:

“If you are a Single Sister, DONT JOIN THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT! The Feminist Movement May make you miss the Will of God for your Life. If you are MARRIED, don’t join them either, IF YOU WANT TO GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR MARRIAGE. The Feminism want to CONTEST the Head of the Home.”

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