Derrick Jaxn slammed for involving his wife in apology video where he confessed to cheating on her

Relationship counsellor and preacher Derrick Jaxn has been slammed by social media users for involving his wife in a video where he publicly admitted to cheating on her with multiple women.

Derrick Jaxn’s wife, Da’Naia Jackson, sat beside him in the video where he publicly admitted to having sexual affairs with multiple women outside his marriage.

In the video, Derrick Jaxn confessed to having full sexual intimacy with the women and not just casual flirting or going on a lunch date with them.

His wife, Da’Naia, said in the video that she initially left the marriage when she found out he was cheating but came back after she saw “a shift in his personality”.

The healing and relationship counsellor has been slammed for involving his wife in the video. Jaxn was also criticized for the funny title he gave his apology video: “Did I Cheat In My Marriage? #TheTruth (Feat: Da’Naia Jackson)”

One person wrote:

“After all that talking you were doing, you really did your Queen like this! im done!”

Nigerian media personality Toke Makinwa also criticized Derrick Jaxn for “dragging” his wife to be part of the “uncomfortable” video.

Ms Makinwa wrote:

“Not judging anyone cos we are all flawed but dear men, (man of God or not), Pls don’t drag your wife to an uncomfortable public apology. She wasn’t called on when you were cheating, pls leave her out of your PR stunt. You can see the pain and how uncomfortable she feels.”

Feminist writer, Jola Ayeye, also faulted Derrick Jaxn’s apology.

She wrote:

“The idiot even referred to himself in 3rd person. Not “I was involved with other women” but “the truth is Derrick Jackson was involved with other women”. Like he’s talking about how cousin or something. Ashiere,” she tweeted.

Derrick Jaxn’s apology comes after a woman named Candice De Medeiros came out to publicly say she has been having an affair with him. Derrick Jaxn initially denied the cheating allegation, slamming his accuser and calling her a “clout chaser” in a YouTube video.

Hours later, he came out to confess to cheating on his wife with other women, after Candice put out another video further incriminating him.
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