In 2017, a tiny Chihuahua named Rumpelstiltskin ate its dead owner to stay alive for up to 2 weeks

Sometime around October 2017, a tiny Chihuahua dog named Rumpelstiltskin went viral on social media not for its tiny appearance or unusually long and curved legs – but for carrying out one act of survival that scared people as much as it thrilled them.

Especially considering the fact that Rumpelstiltskin is a Chihuahua, the smallest dog breed in the world. Make no mistake though, when it comes to Chihuahuas, size means nothing. Some of these tiny individuals can pack up so much madness and aggression to unnerve a 200-pound human.

Rumpelstiltskin was adopted by Tyfanee Fortuna, a dog lover from Glen Gardner, New Jersey. Tyfanee Fortuna has now grown passionate about rescuing pets and now runs a pet foster home where she keeps homeless pets till they get adopted by a good family.

Fortuna said Rumpelstiltskin’s previous owner had been dead for two weeks before he was found. With no alternative means to survive, Rumpelstiltskin took one crazy survivalist move and decided to start eating the corpse of its owner.

It worked and Rumpelstiltskin was able to stay alive for up to two weeks before he was discovered and rescued by a foster home. Social media users expressed both shock and fascination over Rumpelstiltskin’s story but no one admitted they would want to keep such a dog.

Today, Rumpelstiltskin’s owner, Tyfanee Fortuna, is in the news again for posting an advert for an owner for another Chihuahua in her care named Prancer who she described as a ‘demonic, man-hating, neurotic mess’.
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