Davido’s lawyer Bobo Ajudua says he doesn’t know why Chioma blocked him on Instagram

Davido’s lawyer Bobo Ajudua (known as @prince_ii on Instagram) has revealed that he is yet to figure out while his boss’s ex-fiancee Chioma Avril Rowland blocked him on Instagram.

Bobo Ajudua who represents Davido legally revealed while answering a fan question on Instagram that he’s been blocked twice by Chioma.

Mr Ajudua said he tries to maintain a brother and sister relationship with Chioma.

He wrote:

“She’s blocked me before like 2 to 3 times. We argue a lot but I come with a brother/sister relationship. She’s legit like a sister to me (when we are not fighting). This particular one, I’m not sure. Let’s hope I find out soon.”

He added:

“The funny thing is whenever we fight and I report to David, he’s like ‘I beg you people shouldn’t involve me in your wahala. Sha finds way settle am, she’s your younger sister.”

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