Top 5 best antimalarial drugs in Nigeria

This list is drawn from people’s testimonies. Millions of Nigerians suffer from malaria at least once every year. Malaria is probably the commonest parasitic infection in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa, and also one of the deadliest. Over 200,000 deaths from malaria are reported in Nigeria each year. Malaria can be very serious in pregnant women.

Malaria is caused by some types of the plasmodium parasite (about five of them). People get infected when they are bitten by an already infected mosquito. Some of the earliest malaria treatments used in Nigeria are no longer in use due to issues with resistance and drug failure.

Today, the commonest (and probably the most effective) therapy for malaria in Nigeria is the Artemether (an artemisinin derivative) /Lumefantrine combination, formulated in different categories of weight. Usually, malaria patients are advised to take the antimalarial with paracetamol. Combination drugs for malaria have been found to be more effective, faster in action and offer reduced likelihood of resistance.

Based on street opinions and testimonies by real people in Nigeria, the best antimalarial medications in Nigeria right now are:

1. Coartem by Novartis

2. Amatem Softgel by Elbe Pharma Nigeria

3. Lokmal QS by Emzor

4. Laris by Orange Drugs

5. Lonart DS by Greenlife Pharmaceuticals

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