Meaning of Nigerian slang ‘Wahala Be Like Bicycle’ EXPLAINED

There’s hardly any way you are Nigerian or living in Nigeria and you haven’t heard the saying “wahala be like bicycle.” It has become one of the more commonly-used slang in Nigeria, especially on the internet and social media.

In most scenarios, people use it as a reaction to something shocking that has happened or to warn others about an impending danger.

For instance, one evening in Ikeja, a young couple in love was performing a delicate show of love near a trader’s kiosk. In the process, the girl while trying to avoid her lover’s flirtatious arm, knocked down the trader’s crate of eggs.

A man standing nearby exclaimed: “Wahala be like bicycle” – because truly that’s what it is.

A man advising his friend about a planned course of action may say: “O boy, be careful o. You know wahala be like bicycle.”

Origin of the saying “wahala be like bicycle”

“Wahala” in Nigeria means trouble. Saying “wahala be like bicycle” is a reference to how extremely easy it is to find oneself in trouble.

A bicycle is super easy to operate, requiring no fuel or battery to power. Also, one does not need to go through intricate driving classes or attend a school to know how to ride a bicycle. In a nutshell, just about anyone can start and ride a bicycle.

So saying “wahala be like bicycle” is a reference to how easy it is to start trouble or for one to land themselves into trouble.

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