Commotion in Computer Village as traders clash with SARS men

There was some commotion today at the Computer Village technology market in Lagos when some traders in the market prevented SARS officers from arresting someone.

According to what we gathered, some men of the SARS police squad stormed the popular technology market in Ikeja early this afternoon, October 5 to make an arrest but were prevented by some traders who insisted the arrest will not happen.

The traders told the SARS officers about the recent directive given by the IGP of Police, Mohammed Abubakar Adamu, on the new protocols of operation for the police unit.

A trader in the market said it was a tough struggle between the officers and traders but eventually they could not carry out the arrest. The source said that one of the SARS men at one point fired a warning shot into the air, but the traders stood their ground and did not disperse.

The same officer threatened the protesters that he would shoot at them if they did not disperse but the men still stood their ground and asked him to shoot them.

Watch a short clip of the incident posted by LIB blog:

NB: Front image was not taken from the incident.

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