‘If you toast me with a 2012 Benz, I won’t agree’ – Nigerian lady

A voice note has emerged online showing the moment a Nigerian woman was chiding her friend for buying a 2012 Mercedes Benz model which she referred to as an “old car”.

In the voice note, the unidentified lady was heard criticizing her friend for celebrating the “old model Benz” he bought on his Whatsapp status.

She said in part,

“I’m not saying the car is bad or driving 2012 Benz is bad, but the way you were hyping the video on your status…I’m like gini. If you toast me with a 2012 Benz, do you know cars I have entered? You for know me na. If you toast me with that kind of car I will not even take you seriously.”

Listen to the voice note below:

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