AbokiFX alternatives: What other sites are like AbokiFX?

AbokiFX was Nigeria’s foremost publisher of black-market currency exchange rates. The website used to be the go-to site for daily updates on current Dollar to Naira rates in the black market, as well as other foreign currencies.

AbokiFX announced in September 2021 that it’d be suspending the publishing of black-market exchange rates on its platform after Nigeria’s Central Bank (CBN) threatened the website’s management.

The development came after the CBN accused AbokiFX of sabotaging the economy through its publications and threatened to go after AbokiFX’s owner, Mr Olusegun Adedotun Oniwinde who lives in the UK.

AbokiFX alternatives

Since AbokiFX halted the publishing of black-market exchange rates on its platform, businessmen and other concerned individuals have found it difficult to get daily updates on black-market exchange rates for foreign currencies in Nigeria.

To date, there is no other website that has exactly replicated what AbokiFX was doing. This is for an obvious reason – if the CBN already said they are not cool with it, nobody else would want to try.

However, there are a few sites in Nigeria that have added pages on their websites where they occasionally publish black-market exchange rates, including current Dollar to Naira rates plus other currencies.

Some of these sites (AbokiFX alternatives) include:

  • WetinBeRate.com
  • NairaToday.com
  • BrandNewsDay.com
  • TalentBase.Ng
  • NewsOnlineNG.com

Another method of getting updated black-market rates would be to call a BDC operator on phone to get daily rates of exchange.

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