Is Indomie Noodles fattening?

Indomie is the name of a popular noodles brand in Nigeria.

A question often asked by diet watchers is if eating noodles is capable of making someone fat and whether or not the meal is a good choice for a person trying to lose weight.

The answer to whether Indomies Noodles will cause weight gain or not is not very straightforward.

Indomie, like most noodles brands, is low in calories and not all that a fattening meal – 100 grams of boiled noodles should contain about 130 – 150 calories, far less amount of calories in fried plantain of the same quantity.

However, because noodles have very low protein and fibre content, the meal is less likely to make you full. This means that sometimes a noodles meal is not enough to replace a proper meal and someone who has eaten noodles will often still eat something else within a short period of time.

Overall, this will add to extra calories being accumulated and will most likely mess up a structured diet plan.

Another very important factor to evaluate is how the Indomie Noodles was prepared. Nigerians rarely cook noodles alone and sometimes might fill it up with both eggs and processed meat and fish, things like hotdogs and sardines, etc. This will obviously raise the per serving calorie content of the prepared meal.

This post is for informational purposes only. To learn more about dieting, you might want to consult the services of a licensed diet expert or nutritionist.

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