How to eat bole with homemade sauce in Lagos

by DNB Staff writer

The woman close to my Estate sells well-roasted plantains but she sells them with groundnuts instead.

Whenever I come to buy, she would ask me: “Oga mi, don’t you want groundnuts?”

“I have at home,” I would lie. I don’t know if it’d offend her somehow if I told her the truth – that eating roasted plantains with groundnut is not my thing.

I always feel it is a bit disrespectful to be eating such an elegant food as plantain with groundnuts. In Eastern Nigeria where I come from, any meal involving plantains is not a joke. If someone cooked rice and added fried plantains, they deserve to be kissed on the forehead and lifted up.

Today, I bought 5 fingers, roasted to a smooth-brown finish. They cost N200 each but she asked me to “bring N800 as her regular customer”.

Safe inside my house, I put the plantains aside and went about preparing my homemade sauce.


  • Fresh red peppers
  • Onions
  • Fresh palm oil
  • Crayfrish (optional)
  • Seasoning cube
  • Salt
  • Ukpaka


  • Crush the peppers and onions together and put in a pot
  • Cook for a bit and then pour in some palm oil
  • Add some ground crayfish (if you have)
  • Add your ukpaka (if available
  • Add salt and seasoning cube and stir.
  • Carry down the pot and look at the magic you have created
  • Serve with chilled juice
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