8 most annoying horror movie clichés

Some good horror movies are efficient in getting viewers’ on their toes and providing that adrenaline rush that lovers of horror flicks crave. But over the years, some horror movie situations have become so often repeated that it now gives audiences the cliché jitters (if that’s an actual thing).

Here are eight horror movie clichés that are the most annoying:

1. No Phone Signal

This is straight-up one of the most annoying clichés seen in horror movies. Every horror movie or TV show seems to have that point in the heat of the danger scene where the character gets a hold of their phone to call for help and boom – No Signal!

2. Female Character Tripping and Falling

Has there ever been a horror movie where the female protagonist successfully ran across a centimetre of space without tripping and falling over…and then staying there on the ground (usually wet) and wriggling and grunting till the bad guy catches up with her?

3. The Car Keys Dropping or Car Refusing to Start

If luckily the car keys don’t drop or break, the car won’t start. Never seen a horror movie where the car actually started and got the character in danger to actual safety! No? Maybe one, and then the car runs out of gas before any real help can be achieved, leaving the character screaming “Shit! Shit!” or “No-no! No!” And then she slams the steering wheel a couple of times and runs off on foot, toward the killer!

4. The Struggle For The Gun

No horror movie is complete these days without that one scene where the protagonist and antagonist have to struggle for the gun (or knife or any other murder weapon).

5. The Creepy Bathroom Scene

The creepy shower scene where the character hears the sound and then waits a moment, calls out but hears nothing again. And then boom – they run face-to-face into horror. Creepy!

6. The s3x or kiss before death scene

Imagine getting turned on with all the chaos going on? And then the character dies after that one bout of intimacy or taste of a passionate kiss. Who even gets h**ny in a situation of life or death? Horrors movies do the worst.

7. Betrayed by that one sound scene

Let’s picture this – the character in danger finally gets a chance to hide and as soon as the evil person approaches, that one sound comes out of nowhere to betray the victim.

8. Moving into a new home cliché

The new house with all of its obvious indications of evil or being haunted, and still, that family must move into it.

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