6 horror movies no pregnant woman should watch

by Staff writer

Pregnancy on itself is a pretty scary thing, so imagine subjecting the shaky emotions of an expectant mother to the ugly details of cannibalism, shocking mutations or home invasion.

Here are top 6 movies pregnant women are advised to stay away from:

6. Inside (2007)

This disturbing, blood-soaked and very-hard-to-watch film tells the story of a scissor-wielding psychopath that is bent on cutting open a pregnant widow’s belly and taking her baby.

5. Grace (2009)

In Grace, new mom Madeline carries her child to term after being advised against it to protect her life, and ends up giving birth to … an undead infant! As is custom for the undead, the baby hungers for something other than milk, and since Madeline can’t provide an endless supply of her own blood, she has to start finding it elsewhere.

4. Hungry Hearts (2014)

This psychological thriller tells the story of a young couple (Adam Driver and Alba Rohrwacher) who hastily marry after the girl gets pregnant. As a new dad, Adam Driver must protect his newborn when his wife is possessed by disturbing obsessions that could endanger their child.

As the couple’s entire life feels claustrophobic, the movie invokes terror by way of discomfort that leaves you in near-constant fear for the baby’s safety. There are no violent gimmicks here — just the horror of becoming a new parent.

3. Devil’s Due (2014)

In Devil’s Due, adorable newlyweds Samantha and Zach go on honeymoon to the Dominican Republic, and after a night of dancing and drinking, they end up at a local party they’re really going to regret later — if only they could remember what the hell happened.

When Sam gets pregnant, the two are eager to start a family together, but everything takes a turn for the terrible when a group of mysterious strangers start stalking the house, and disturbing things start happening with the baby.

This horror masterpiece is replete with telekinesis, pentagrams and Satanic rituals!

2. Prevenge (2017)

In Prevenge, the unborn child of an expectant mother encourages her to go on a killing spree, only picking the softest targets.

Might not sound super scary but the real terror in Prevenge comes from the battle women have with themselves when their bodies are hijacked by a growing being inside them, as the world demands they think, feel, and act in prescribed ways.

It’s a pregnancy movie for the frustrated soon-to-be mom who needs to feel seen.

1. Still/Born (2018)

While some horror films seem to focus on demonic pregnancies, others focus on parental paranoia.

But the great twist in Still/Born is that it does both. Mary and Jack are new parents, and Mary’s stay-at-home mom life gets a lot crazier when she starts suspecting a powerful demon is trying to claim her baby.

The tension is exacerbated by the fact that the newborn is the only surviving half of a set of twins, so Mary and Jack are grieving the loss of one baby as they try to care for the other.
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