Goodluck Jonathan rejects APC presidential form purchased in his name

Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has rejected the APC presidential nomination form purchased in his name by a coalition of northern groups which included Fulani nomadic pastoralists and Almajiri communities.

DNB Stories Africa gathered that the group obtained the documents for Jonathan in Abuja on Monday.

However, Jonathan’s spokesman, Ikechukwu Eze, stated in a statement that the former president had no connection to the northern alliance that acquired the form and did not authorize it.

He warned those behind the sham to stop defaming his name and encouraged Nigerians to ignore it.

Purchasing a presidential ambition form in his name without his authorization, knowing the position he held in the country, was deemed an insult, according to him.

Part of the statement reads:

We wish to categorically state that Dr Jonathan was not aware of this bid and did not authorize it. We want to state that if the former President wanted to contest an election, he would make his intentions clear to the public and will not enter through the back door

Eze added that Jonathan had not in any way committed himself to running for president in the coming 2023 elections.

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