Emmanuella addresses reports of Ned Nwoko wanting to marry her

Popular Nigerian comedienne Emmanuella has reacted to spreading reports that billionaire politician and serial polygamist has approached her for marriage.

In some of the reports, it is stated that Ned Nwoko, who has married up to five wives, had received a “marriage list” from Emmanuella’s parents. Other reports have also stated that Emmanuella’s parents rejected Nwoko’s offer to marry their daughter.

Comedienne Emmanuella has now dismissed these reports as “fake”.

Responding to a social media user who brought up the topic on her page, Emmanuella confirmed the news is fake.

The 12-year-old comedienne wrote:

“Fake news, Ma. Thanks.”

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One Comment on “Emmanuella addresses reports of Ned Nwoko wanting to marry her”

  1. This is the same news we hear during the time of Regina Daniel later it become real not fake but young girl be careful money is not everything love also matters a lot, that man should be your grandfather in age please don’t be decieved with money and material things your happiness is more important than that unproper marriage of one Mr murlesser ok

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