4 winter skin essentials for Black African men living in the UK

Written by Victor Ume

Most Black-skinned Africans make the mistake of thinking African skin can withstand anything. I once heard someone say “there is nothing like sensitive dark skin”. My eyes popped. That we have been blessed to have skin that could survive many bad conditions does not mean we should continue pushing it.

This article is for African men looking to treat their skin well in the winter. Remember, to get popping in the summer, you have to (scratch that …MUST) take care of your skin in the winter.

These items will help you (and your skin) have an amazing winter season:

Please note that these products are just recommendations based on personal evaluation. The mentioned items should not replace products that already work for you or were recommended to you by a healthcare professional. This is NOT a sponsored post.

1. Dove® Body Wash

Use this instead of bath soaps. It is milder and cleanses better. Doesn’t leave residues too so even if you don’t exfoliate often, you should be fine. You should, however, try to exfoliate your skin twice a month at least using a good exfoliating cleanser (good options for this will be mentioned in our coming article about exfoliation for Black men).

I heard the Aveeno® Daily Moisturising Body Wash is also a good option.

This is good for the face.

2. Garnier® Body Superfood (Cocoa & Ceramide)

There are different kinds – make sure to buy the brown Cocoa one. This is easily one of winter’s best moisturizers for Black-skinned African men. It is easily absorbed, doesn’t feel clammy and keeps you feeling soft all day. I have heard the product is for women but I have been using it for over a year now and I haven’t been arrested.

You can buy this in most Savers® stores – usually cheaper there too.

If Savers® was a Nigerian brand, this would be their slogan.

3. Palmers® Cocoa Butter Formula

The cream, not the lotion. I use this for my FEET. I find it too clammy for the body but you will discover that it is amazing for the palms and feet. There are no good options for foot creams for Black-skinned African men in the stores but this works amazing. Again, I use this for the feet and palms only, not the body…I don’t care what the label says.

4. Dr Organic® Lip Balm

This might be slightly more expensive than the common brands you find at stores but it does work better. You won’t go back to the other ones once you start using this. Winter makes the lips of Black men crack and this works to prevent it. Carry one in your pocket at all times when outside. There are different variants but in my opinion, the coconut and Aloe Vera one works better.

You can easily get this at Superdrug or Holland & Barrett outlets.

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