We Need Your Comments!!!

As young as she is, DNB Stories boasts of thousands of views daily.

Sadly, however, we don’t get a corresponding number of comments.

People just read our stories and go.

DNB Stories is a story blog and your comments matter a lot. We need them to serve you better.


Instead of writing Dan personally to say how great you find DNB Stories and how much you loved our stories, why not leave your observation as a comment on the blog instead. That way, all DNB editors will see it.

Our dream is to create an online community where readers and writers wed daily. Please help us actualize this dream.


DNB Stories appreciates her top readers at the end of every month.

You can also always share links to our stories to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts using the share buttons you find under all story posts.

Please don’t copy our stories to other blogs. This is highly unethical, and criminal too.

We want to appreciate our top readers so far;

Sekinat Adewole


ogunleye morenikeji

Olorunlomojo Martin

Should you have an event or a remembrance occasion, do not hesitate to inform DNB Stories so that we can celebrate with you in our own little way.

Thank you all for stopping by and tell your friends about DNB Stories.

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11 Comments on “We Need Your Comments!!!”

  1. I believe that if the comments had less scrutiny before they are published, you would have more comments, people love to see their comments published as soon as they are posted.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Anonymous. We actually put up the moderation to bypass the trouble of going through an automated spam check before comments are published. It also enables us go through all comments and reply timely to those wiith an air of urgency.
    Less they are spam, all comments will be published and almost as soon as they are sent.

  3. I guess you should also work on the comment aspect, so people using operamini should be able to comment. Twas when i downloaded ucbrowser that i was able to comment

  4. Thanks for the feedback, Mhizblizz. I appreciate.
    We have been getting lots of complaints like this from Opera Mobile users. We have forwarded a report to the developers and they promised to fix the bug in a new update. Don't know if that has been done.
    Currently, you can surf DNB Stories smoothly with UC Web, Firefox Mobile, Chrome Mobile, Mobile Safari and all default browsers.
    A colleague at work claimed our site is the most beautiful blog in Nigeria when he opened it on his default Blackberry browser.

  5. Yes. Please check our front page for the Email Subscription box. Just enter your email address, confirm it and that's it.

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