DNB Games!!!

Moderator: Gloria

It’s another game week, guys!

Time to unveil another DNB genius.

But this time around, something unusual has happened.

The game has taken a different turn.

We have two answers vying for the winning spot.


1. My Eternal by Ujunwa Muobike

2. House of Hearts by Nana Mintah

Every one is going to participate in choosing the winner.

Which of these two titles caught your interest the more? If they were to be books, which would you pick to read first? 

Just write down the name in your comment.


You can only vote for one title.

The two contenders are not required to vote. They are however permitted to canvass for votes.

Voting stops Wednesday morning and the most voted title becomes the winner.

DNB editors are not required to vote also.

Let the voting BEGIN and may the best TITLE win!

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39 Comments on “DNB Games!!!”

  1. If you say that they can canvass for votes, then i will wait to hear from them b/4 voting! I hope no double voting?

  2. Yes you can canvass for votes outside DNB. all votes dropped wit a name will be counted. We will detect fake votes and delete them

  3. I will go with house of hearts, it sounds more catchy and moreover, I've seen a seasonal movie titled "My Eternal" before.

  4. House of hearts, Totally. Dont mean to criticise but my eternal doesn't sound original because of the popular soap by that name.

  5. Wow… let's vote people! Imagine, when love turns sour and you start keeping score only to realize that the world is no more, than just a house of hearts crammed together.

    House of hearts coming soon!!!

  6. My first choice when I saw the post was My Eternal but House of Hearts just won my vote with that campaign/intro,, whatever it is..

    I choose House of Hearts.

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