DNB Games!!!

Moderator: Gloria

It has really been a tough battle between two DNB Mamas:

Madam Uju


Madam Nana.

Here is the voting result as sent in by our abled facilitator, Amos Gideon.
Total Votes = 29

Valid Votes = 25

Invalid Votes = 4

House of Hearts = 14

My Eternal = 11

Winner is Nana Mintah – House of Hearts with 14 votes!!!

***Congrats Nana Mintah***

Please tell us if DNB Stories should expect House of Hearts the Story soonest!!!



If you were to write a story, what would be your beginning sentence?

We know how important the opening sentence of a story is! It is a major determining factor in whether or not someone would finish your story.

So we will be looking out for great charm!
Good Luck, Mamas and Papas, and remember, the iReadDNB Campaign is on.

All you need to do is tell someone about DNB Stories and make sure they visit, leave a comment and mention you!

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20 Comments on “DNB Games!!!”

  1. All was ready for the trip back home buh her instincts told her she was forgetting something what could this b she thought….

  2. “On a bright, cloudless Thursday morning, Daniel woke up, tied his shoes, and walked out the door of Little Hope Orphanage for the very last time without saying goodbye to the others, because last night was his seventeenth birthday, and it was time to go.”

  3. "Knowing that he had stepped out of his car heading to the door, she made her move…" That's my first sentence if am to write a story.

  4. Congrats to the winner.

    My answer to today's Game Question:

    "Covered in sweat,with his head pounding,Ola was startled awake by a shrieking sound from within his closet."

  5. Wow, thanks people,all who voted, I believe we all had fun. Uju dear, come, let's share crown. I loved yours too. Gracias DNB!

  6. my beginning sentence:

    Would you have believed me if I told you? Ini asked with an emotion filled voice.

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