Has President Buhari failed Nigeria?

by Femi Moito

In my opinion, President Muhammadu Buhari hasn’t failed Nigeria.

He just destroyed the economy and the short-term future of at least 70 million Nigerians.

If that isn’t a failure then the word ‘Failure’ might as well need to be redefined.

It is funny how folks just set their sights on ‘fighting corruption’ at the expense of every other thing. It is also funnier that since 1966, every government that came to power either by coup or election has used ‘corruption’ as its campaign slogan.

50 years later, Nigerians must really be a rare form of interesting people if we are still buying the same narrative. If in doubt go listen to Fela Kuti’s ‘Army Arrangement’.

Yesterday, I was looking at the Microsoft Surface Studio and marveling at the depth of technological advancement and then it crossed my mind that my country in this same day is busy ‘fighting corruption’.

The world is in a mad race, advancing on all fronts and Nigeria is free-falling backwards. We aren’t even stagnant, we are retrogressing!

So the question again: Has Buhari failed Nigeria?


He refused to devalue the Naira at the right time, causing immense pressure on the currency and today the Naira is at its worst ever in history and still falling.

Hasty and poor implementation of TSA made the Nigerian economy to become illiquid.

Maintaining an image of incorruptibility, he is breeding fear by arresting everybody and scarring away potential investors. The image is so important to Mr President that he has more media advisers than economic advisers.

Everything you see today is the ripple effect of these things.

High cost of fuel, bag of rice, loss of jobs, etc.

Those who are praising the government for breeding fear in the guise of fighting corruption need to hear the story of the man who stood on the hull of the titanic when it started sinking and was giddy in self-righteousness, thinking he was smart to have stayed on the highest floor.

What he didn’t realize was that eventually, the whole ship will sink!

By the way, I am not a PDP member and I truly want Mr president not to fail.

But I believe strongly that if you cannot identify a problem, the chances to solving it becomes slimmer.

It is a huge misconception to think that when you fight corruption, “every other thing shall be added onto it”.


Femi Moito

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  1. All my sai baba friends are no longer picking my calls. We are in this together. What were people expecting from an illiterate 73 old man. Of all the over 160 million brains in Nigeria, we chose buhari's own as the best. It's alright but nobody is going anywhere. If i catch anyone trying to commit suicide,it won't be funny.

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