5 reasons rich people get depressed

by Staff writer

In life, it looks like we are all struggling for one thing: success.

And to a lot of people success easily translates to money; wealth; possessions.

So why does it feel strange that seemingly well accomplished and “successful” people feel depressed too?

Why are there many studies linking depression to the rich too?

How strange is it that a 2011 study of global depression rates suggested that people who live in wealthier countries are slightly more likely to be depressed than those in low- to middle-income countries?

That another research conducted by Australian mental health experts stated that the young and rich are seeking help for anxiety and depression at twice the rate of their poorer peers?

Here might be some of the reasons the people who we all think “should” be forever happy are often exactly the opposite:

1. The privilege burden

Yes, it is possible that people can become saturated with privilege that it turns into a burden. This is mostly seen in people born into great wealth or the royalty.

2. Tougher competition

A lot of people don’t know that the higher you go, the tougher the competition becomes. While poor people fight by exchanging words, struggle between the very wealthy may involve guns!

3. Loneliness

One thing money cannot easily buy is good companionship. A lot of wealthy people are often saddled with enough emptiness in their lives to trigger depression.

4. Poor resilience

Because of lack of experience, people born into wealth often have difficulty in dealing with unfavorable conditions.

5. Poverty anxiety

This is mostly seen in CEOs and successful business people. Any small decline in income affects them so badly they can hardly think right, all because of an inherent fear that they might turn poor.


It’s important to point out that depression can affect everyone, in any stratum.

No one, no matter how richly or simply one lives, is immune. That said, being aware that one is depressed in the first place is one major step to finding a solution.

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