Man orders tank top on Amazon but got a dress instead

by Staff writer

A man has posted online about how he ordered a cute tank top he saw and liked on e-commerce website Amazon, but the item that was delivered to him turned out to be a tight sliver dress instead.

“I got this tank top online and they sent me a dress,” the man named Jermy Russel Priola wrote.

Luckily, Jermy didn’t appear too upset with the cheat. “On the plus side,” he added, “it does make my ass look great!”

Stories of delivered items not matching the ones displayed on Amazon are not new.

In fact, just recently, news began spreading that reviews can also be manipulated on Amazon, meaning that even products with lots of positive reviews under it could also end up to be fake.

Writing about this review fraud on Amazon, BuzzFeed’s Nicole Nguyen posted:

“The next time you come across an Amazon product with hundreds or thousands of reviews, look closely. You might find some of them are for completely different products.”

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