5 annoying things Nigerians do on their Whatsapp stories

by Uchennaya

The emergence of social media has simplified communication, sort of. But Nigerians have a tendency of overdoing things, don’t we?

Today, more than 1 billion people all over the world use WhatsApp daily.

Whatsapp is used for text and video chat as well as to make calls, but the most interesting feature of the app is perhaps the story updates.

Whatsapp stories are used to share impactful moments, but there are things some Nigerians can put on their Whatsapp story that will have you wishing a gun emoji exists.

Here are things Nigerians do on their story updates that can be very annoying:

1. Posting an entire album on Whatsapp

There is no good reason to justify posting up to 20 or more photos on a Whatsapp story, especially when it’s a photo of one person in just different poses. A lot of Nigerian Whatsapp users are guilty of this. They load their story updates with lots of elements that the thing will now be looking like a waist bead.

2. Posting cryptic messages

You will see some people’s Whatsapp stories with vague threats and insults without them directly mentioning who the message is for. Sometimes they add something like “You know yourself” without still mentioning the person. Na wa.

3. Spreading fake news

It’s one thing to unknowingly post something you didn’t know was false, but some Whatsapp users constantly post untrue news just for shock value sake. I guess every Whatsapp user already knows the contacts in their list they shouldn’t go to for authentic information.

4. Fake posing

Nigerians do this a lot — faking something they are not. They go to exotic and expensive places to take pictures and borrow stuff from people just to pose for a picture. You see them posting pictures of food they did not eat and wearing clothes they do not own just for attention.

5. Sharing personal convos

Is it just me or does anybody else get annoyed when someone posts a screenshot of a private conversation they’ve had with someone on Whatsapp? I can understand when this is a message of love or something positive, but sharing screenshots of personal convos to start a fight or be derisive is not cool at all.


Uchennaya calls herself a new-generation Nigerian.

This is her first post on DNB Stories.

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