ASUU disapproves online learning this COVID-19 period

The Academic Staff Union of Universities has rejected the idea of e-learning or online lectures during the coronavirus pandemic.

Some people feel the introduction of online learning could help keep educational institutions running while schools remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, ASUU, the body controlling the conduct of all academic staff of Nigerian universities, has rejected the idea of online learning, citing lack of preparation for the undertaking.

According to ASUU, lecturers will need some special skills, training and re-orientation to successfully undertake online teaching.

ASUU says these new skills would require time to be taught and imbibed.

The President of ASUU, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, said during an interview with a local Nigerian newspaper The Punch:

“I am even focusing on tertiary institutions now because I don’t want to go to the lower level. So if you talk of tertiary institutions, the first thing is when they don’t have the skills they will water down the quality in terms of content generation, what should go into content, it is different from loading students with materials.”

Professor Ogunyemi added:

“Many of us that teach in face-to-face arrangement we know the difficulties we face in explaining concepts, in illustrating presentations, so that dimension will be there. The quality in terms of content, in terms of the presentation will be watered down.”

Further explaining why online learning will not work, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi said:

“It (virtual learning) will not work. Let’s break it down; when you talk of virtual learning practically online teaching and learning, I think the first question we need to ask ourselves is: do we have the infrastructure for that? When you talk of infrastructures in the institutions concerned, do they have facilities and if you want to take it to individuals, can they afford it?”

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