Story of Ibadan sales girl eating biscuits worth N4m is likely false

You must have heard the news of a young woman in Ibadan identified as Omolola Grace that was charged to court for eating biscuits worth four million naira from her employer’s shop.

As the story went, Omolola Grace who worked at a supermarket in the capital city of Oyo State was arrested on the accusation of consuming biscuits worth N4 million from the store she worked at.

Some of the news carriers wrote that the incident took place in April 2020 and others wrote May 2020.

Omolola Grace was said to be eating three to five packs of assorted biscuits each day at work and on some occasions would open a bottle of wine and drink. During her stay as a salesgirl at the supermarket, she was said to have consumed biscuits worth N4,000,000.


After careful research, we have concluded that this story is likely false. The picture circulating with the story which depicts a young woman on a floor with some store items beside her has been around for years before the said Ibadan incident happened.

That picture was not even taken in Nigeria.

No credible newspaper has carried the news of an Ibadan salesgirl eating N4 million biscuits and there is no confirmation that Onidundu Magistrate Court, the court Omolola Grace was said to have been charged at actually exists in Oyo State.

There is no other record or any additional information to this story except the same piece that has been reproduced word-for-word by different unreputable news media.

So the story is likely FALSE.

Our research is still in process and this post will be updated as soon as we find something new.

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