This is why ‘NigeriansMustFall’ is trending on South Africa Twitter

If you are on Twitter right now, then you must have seen the hashtag #NigeriansMustFall trending.

The hashtag started trending in South Africa as a protest against Nigerians living in South Africa. A viral video of a half-naked South African lady twerking for some Nigerian men in Cape Town sparked outrage among South Africans. Follow this LINK to watch the video.

Many of the responses under the hashtag are South African nationals accusing Nigerians of various crimes in South Africa and telling them to go back to their country.

This won’t be the first time South Africans will be protesting against Nigerians living in their country. On several occasions, such protests have advanced into full-blown xenophobia.

In 2019, South Africans unleashed a series of xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other African citizens living in the country. The rampage caused several deaths with some affected nations carrying out retaliatory attacks and protests.

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