80 Super Cute Dragon Names Everyone Will Love

Of all mythical creatures to have appeared in popular culture, there is arguably none that boasts the grandeur and fierceness of the dragon. What’s not to like about dragons? Majestic winged fire-breathing serpentine creatures, that’s absolutely badass!

Early works of literature depict dragons as cruel and bloodthirsty creatures that stand in the path of heroes. The narrative surrounding dragons shifted as the years flew by. A couple of writers like Ruth Stiles, Ursula K. Le Guin and J.R.R Tolkien broke the norm, painting pictures of gentle and noble dragons.

Dragons are now very popular in modern literature, cinematography and most especially video games. But how did this fiery creature come about?

A whole lot has been written about how dragons came to be but nothing conclusive. Some believe it was people’s imagination running wild while others claimed it was a product of magic. Whatever the case, it is a general consensus that dragons are interesting.

The Cute Thing about Naming a Dragon 

Of course, no one owns a dragon, but whether for a book or video game avatar, choosing a name for your dragon can be fun

Famous Dragon Names In History 

A lot of dragon names have been mentioned in different mythologies. Some dragon names are more recognizable than others. Which one of these famous dragons do you know? 

1. The Great Red Dragon  – A giant red dragon with seven heads that was cast out of heaven according to the Bible.

2. Mushussu – A hybrid dragon in Mesopotamian mythology with eagle talons, lionlike limbs and horns.

3. Smaug – The greedy dragon in The Hobbit, Smaug is also known as King under the Mountain. 

4. Fafnir – A greedy dragon of Nordic origin that was slain by Sigurd.

5. Ryu/Tatsu – A mythical Japanese creature that had the power of changing its size at will. The dragon is also believed to have the power of invisibility.

6. Ladon – A creature in Greek mythology that guarded the golden apples of the garden of Hesperides. 

7. Vrtra – A dragon that was killed by Indra in Ancient Indian.

8. Typhon – A creature in Greek mythology with a hundred dragons heads that was defeated by Zeus.

9. Tiamat – The great dragon Marduk battled for dominion over humans.

10. Tianlong – Celestial dragons that pull the chariots of gods in Chinese mythology.

11. DrogonThe biggest of Khaleesi’s dragons in Game of Thrones that was very loyal to her.

Powerful Dragon Names

Any animal that is able to breathe fire, has the power of flight and impenetrable hide is automatically powerful. These are some dragons that are more powerful than the rest:

1. Klauth – The dragon that was infamous for killing other dragons that threatened to surpass him.

2. Shenron – Also called the ‘Eternal Dragon’ is a popular dragon in the anime series Dragon Ball. Shenron has the power to grant wishes.

3. Smaug – One of the most powerful villains in J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord Of the Rings movies. Smaug was eventually killed by Bard the Bowman.

4. Viserion – Another of Khaleesi’s dragons in Game Of Thrones. Viserion was killed and later resurrected by the Night King.

5. King Ghidorah – A three-headed dragon created by Tomoyuki Tanaka inspired by the hydra of Greek and Roman mythology.

6. Hungarian Horntail – A creation of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series, the Hungarian Horntail can shoot its fire as far as 50ft. 

7. Elliot – A green dragon in Disney’s Pete’s Dragon that befriends and protects children.

8. Drogon – This is the dragon that carries Daenerys around in Game Of Thrones. Drogon is very aggressive and possesses tremendous power.

9. Ancalagon the Black – is said to be the greatest dragon of Middle-earth. His death was the end of the first age.

10. Temeraire – created by Naomi Novik for her book series of the same name. Temeraire is used as a weapon of destruction like a fighter jet.

Mythical Dragon Names 

Dragons are creatures of myth. These are cool mythical names for your dragon:

1. Jabberwock

2. Falkor 

3. The Red Dragon (Final Fantasy)

4. Shinryu 

5. Bahamut 

6. Saragosa 

7. Zombie dragon 

8. Wrathion 

9. Tyrygosa

10. Sapphiron 

Lightning Dragon Names 

1. Ignis – a dragon that is quick to anger

2. Fiero – an extremely fierce dragon 

3. Lightning – a dragon that is rapid in attack

4. Bolt – a really fast-flying dragon 

5. Voltron – a robotic dragon 

6. Rex – a friendly but fiery dragon 

7. Cerion – a cool dragon name

8. Miyasu – a wise dragon of Japanese origin

9. Embers – a fierce dragon 

10. Levitran – derived from Leviathan, a sea monster 

Ice Dragon Names

1. Frostion – a suitable name for your ice-breathing dragon 

2. Skid – a cool name for a gentle dragon 

3. Hailstorm – suitable for an ice cold destroyer 

4. Snowy – for a playful dragon 

5. Tempesta – an angry dragon 

6. Blitz – a very protective dragon 

7. Feurregen – German for ‘fire rain’

8. Dragonis – a spirited one

9. Dew – a friendly female dragon 

10. Ciberos – fashioned out of ‘Siberia’ to refer to a dragon that dwells in the ice mountains

Female Dragon Names

1. Ryoko – a dragon-like woman

2. Tatsuya – dragon to be or sign of the dragon 

3. Longyan – dragon eyes in Chinese

4. Aidan – (m/f) Irish for little fire 

5. Yasashi – a Japanese word for gentle

6. Dalinda – noble serpent 

7. Tiamat – female dragon 

8. Malinda – variation of Melinda, it means gentle

9. Rahela – of Hindu origin, means traveller girl

10. Ramoth – golden dragon queen

Male Dragon Names

1. Draco – means like a serpent

2. Pendragon – straight out of the history books, means Chief Dragon 

3. Ladon – hundred headed guard dragon

4. Drake 

5. Villentretenmerth – a golden dragon literally translated to ‘three black birds’

6. Sintharia

7. Rhaegal

8. Ladon 

9. Mushu – means fearless in Chinese 

10. Sindragosa

Badass Dragon Names

1. Ash – a suitable name for your red dragon.

2. Aeronaut – dragon in Celt language 

3. Drak – dragon in Czech 

4. Io – is a dragon in  Dungeons and Dragons, a fantasy video game

5. Joka – dragon in Swahili

6. Viserion 

7. Dragao – Portuguese for dragon 

8. Onyxia 

9. Khaleesi – means queen 

10. Dregoth 

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