Meet Rebecca King-Crews, the adorable wife of Terry Crews

Written by Mercy Olatunji

Who is Rebecca King-Crews

Rebecca King-Crews is an American actress and singer who is also well known for being the wife of American footballer, comedian and actor, Terry Crews.

Rebecca King-Crews is often seen as one of the few women who have had it all in Hollywood by building a successful career and a seemingly stable marriage.

Full data profile of Rebecca King-Crews

Full nameRebecca King-Crews
Age55 years old
BirthdayDecember 24, 1965
State of originBenton Harbor, Michigan
ParentsJack Winston Lund and Anna Mae Parks
Marital statusMarried  
CareerActress, singer

Rebecca King-Crews’ childhood

Rebecca King-Crews’ childhood is a part of her she likes to keep private. However, it is known that she is from an African-American heritage. She was born in Benton Harbor in Michigan to parents Jack Winston Lund and Anna Mae Parks.

Rebecca King-Crews’ education

Rebecca King had her early education in Gary, Indiana. She had her high school education in  Lew Wallace High School, graduating as the top of her class. Then she proceeded to study musical theatre at Western Michigan University.

Rebecca King-Crews’ marriage to Terry Crews

Rebecca is married to American actor and former football player, Terry Crews. She met Terry Crews during her programme in Western Michigan University and they eventually got married on July 29, 1990. Their marriage which lasted 30 years has been dotted as one of the most stable marriages in Hollywood. Although being married for around 30 years, Rebecca King and Terry have had their ups and downs and one which almost led to a divorce. However, they were able to battle the situation.

Rebecca King-Crews’ children

Rebecca King and Terry Crews are currently raising five children. Prior to her marriage to Terry Crews, Rebecca King had a daughter named Naomi from her previous relationship with Charles Burton. Rebecca King and Terry Crews have four children together – three girls and one boy —Azriel, Tera, Wynfrey, and Isaiah.

Naomi Burton-CrewsDaughter31
Azriel CrewsDaughter29
Tera CrewsDaughter20
Wynfrey CrewsDaughter15
Isaiah CrewsSon12

Rebecca King-Crews’ net worth

Having made a successful career for herself in showbiz, Rebecca King-Crews’ current net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

Rebecca King-Crews in 2020

Rebecca King-Crews’ illness and cancer

Early April 2020, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Rebecca King-Crews was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. She consequently a double mastectomy and another reconstructive surgery. During an interview with People Magazine, Rebecca King-Crews acknowledged the efforts of her loving husband during the period, saying”

“I have to give him his props because he’s been cooking for me, helping me bathe, and just really stepping up….I tease him all the time, I’m like, Did I have to get cancer to be treated like this?”

Terry Crews announced on The View this year that his wife, Rebecca King-Crews, is now 100% cancer-free.

Rebecca King-Crews’ hand tremors

Despite her victory with breast cancer, there are speculations that the battle might be far from over. This was raised on Twitter when some fans noticed Rebecca King-Crews’ hands shaking during a July 2020 episode of Celebrity Game Face. It was eventually revealed that the cause of Rebecca King-Crews’ hand tremors might have been nerve damage related to her double mastectomy.

Rebecca King-Crews’ surgery

Rebecca King-Crews had to remove both glands of her breasts and have them reconstructed to battle cancer. She opened up that her decision to go forward with the surgery was made after learning the tumour was limited to one area.

Rebecca King-Crews’ on social media

Rebecca King-Crews’ name on Instagram is @therealrebeccakingcrews and her Twitter handle is @rebeccakcrews.

Rebecca King-Crews’ other facts

In 1984, Rebecca King-Crews was crowned Miss Gary, Indiana while at Lew Wallace School. While in high school and college, Rebecca King appeared in many theatre shows like Oklahoma, Music Man and The Wiz

As an actress, Rebecca has appeared on TV and talk shows such as:

  • E! True Hollywood Story (1996)
  • The Mo’Nique Show (2009) and
  • The Family Crews (2010).

Being a popular actress and the wife of a famous footballer and actor, Rebecca King-Crews has been featured in several magazines which includes

  • Heart and Soul
  • Jet
  • Reality Magazine
  • Today’s Black Woman and
  • TV Guide.

Besides being a singer and actress, Rebecca King-Crews is also a renowned speaker and lecturer.

Her Christian faith and stable family life have made her a role model for other Black and inter-racial women. She has been given several privileges to make speech presentations at many venues and ceremonies, including at the

  • Uniquely You Summit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • The Well Done Awards in New York City, New York
  • The Heart and Soul Awards in Baltimore, Maryland, and
  • The Tom Joyner Family Reunion in Orlando, Florida.
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