I don’t abuse my son, mother of boy in ‘Mummy, calm down’ video says

The mother of the young boy in the viral “Mummy, calm down” video has reacted to insinuations that she was abusing the boy.

A few days ago, a video of a young boy crying and pleading with his mother to calm down and take things easy as she wanted to punish him went viral on social media.

The little boy’s mother, Mrs Toluige Olokoobi Babalola has dispelled rumours that she was being abusive to her son. Mrs Babalola wrote on Instagram that her making the video was to show people how dramatic her son can get while trying to negotiate his way out of some spanking and “not for abuse of any kind”.

Mrs Toluige Olokoobi Babalola who goes by the handle @Iya_Oreanu on Instagram wrote:

“This video was done to show how my intelligent son use to dramatics and negotiate any time you want to spank him not for abuse of any kind. Thank you Everyone for your concern.”

The name of the boy in the “Mummy, calm down” video is  Oreofeoluwa Lawal-Babalola and the mother has disclosed that an Instagram account has been set up for him.

The viral “Mummy, calm down video” has caught the attention of the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu who expressed his desire to meet with the boy.

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