Lauretta Onochie accuses mother of ‘boy in calm down video’ of child abuse

President Buhari’s special assistant on social media, Lauretta Onochie, has expressed concerns over the conduct of the mother of the little boy in the “Mummy calm down” video.

Lauretta Onochie said the viral video showing a little boy crying and telling his mom to calm down as she wanted to punish him is a clear case of child abuse.

Onochie said the mother would have been arrested and charged to court for child abuse if it was in the United Kingdom.

In a tweet posted on Monday, August 3, Lauretta Onochie said what happened in the video was not discipline but “a clear case of child abuse”.

Lauretta Onochie tweeted: “The calm down video, is a clear case of child abuse. That was not discipline. TIMES HAVE CHANGED 2020 Many Nigerian adults today, are suffering from the effects of similar abuse when they were children. In the UK, the child would be in care, his mother charged.”

Lauretta Onochie who is over 60 years old added that she was distressed by the video.

“I was distressed by the calm down video. I can’t imagine the trauma that child and other children who watched it, went through. We must make laws that protect children in our nation There are better and more effective and humane ways of effecting behavioural changes in children,” Mrs Onochie wrote on Twitter.

The mother of the boy in the “Mummy calm down” video, Mrs Toluige Olokoobi Babalola, some days ago denied rumours that she is abusive to her son, Oreofeoluwa Lawal-Babalola on Instagram that she does not abuse her son.

Mrs Babalola wrote on Instagram that her making the video was to show people how dramatic her son can get while trying to negotiate his way out of some spanking and “not for abuse of any kind”.

Watch the ‘Mummy calm down video’ again below:

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