Swine flu scare in Nigeria as hundreds of pigs die in pig farm

The owner of a pig farm in Abia State (Southeastern Nigeria) has cried out over the loss of hundreds of his pigs.

Akobundu Steven Agomoh who is the owner of Akonauche Farms said his pigs started dropping dead one after another after “a deadly disease” struck his farm.

The farmer said he lost over 400 pigs in total, translating to millions of naira.

The dead pigs – SOURCE ABNTV

Mr Agomoh’s pig farm is located in Agbommiri Ndoro Oboro in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State.

The farmer said the “deadly disease” suspected to be swine flu defied all treatment attempts by his veterinary doctors.

Swine flu is a respiratory disease of pigs that can also infect humans.

Mr Agomoh said the sick animals did not respond to any of the drugs and treatment administered on them.

“They died in tens every hour,” the farmer said.

“The first sign I noticed was a loss of appetite and cold. Anyone that dies will have a semblance of blood on the nose. They also had red spots. Within 40 minutes after death, the spots change to black,” he added.

Mr Agomoh said he believed it was meat sellers who had contact with infected pigs before visiting his farm in Oboro, Ikwuano, that brought the disease to his farm.

ABN TV contributed to this report.

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