Praise talks too much, his wife is over 60 years old – Brighto tells Kiddwaya

“Slow poison”, “the puppet master” and “Lord Baelish” – these are some of the names that have been used to describe BBNaija Lockdown housemate Brighto and all for good reason.

Brighto who could easily pass as the quietest guy in the BBNaija Lockdown house is so much more than what he appears to be, at least to his co-housemates.

They don’t see him as a threat and all love him, especially the ladies, but Brighto is seemingly more focused on the money than anything else.

In a recent video, Brighto was heard telling Kiddwaya about another BBNaija housemate Praise who he said talks too much and behaves badly.

“He talks anyhow, acts anyhow and misbehaves,” Brighto told Kiddwaya.

Brighto then revealed to Kiddwaya that he has devised a way to handle Praise in the house, confessing that he knows Praise’s “weak point”.

“What I want to do now is that whenever he says anything I will tackle him. I know his weak point. I know what to tell him that will get him so pissed that he will even cry.”

Brighto also told Kiddwaya that Praise’s wife whom he usually brags about is 60-something years old.

“You know he normally brags about my son, my wife – his wife is close to 60-something years old,” Brighto said.

Kiddwaya, shocked at the revelation, couldn’t help but giggle.

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