Ozo complains to Nengi about her closeness to Kiddwaya

BBNaija Ozo was caught on video complaining to Nengi who he holds a special fondness for about her increasing closeness to another male housemate – Kiddwaya.

During the conversation, Ozo mentioned, in particular, the time Nengi sat on Kiddwaya’s lap.

Nengi, after hearing Ozo out, assured him that Kiddwaya is just a friend and a playmate in the BBNaija house.

The two BBNaija Lockdown housemates are currently enjoying the privileges of living in the head of house lounge after Ozo won the head of house challenge last Monday, August 24 and picked Nengi as his deputy.

Ozo and Nengi had the conversation about Nengi’s closeness with Kiddwaya at the BBNaija lounge. In the video which was widely shared online, Ozo was heard complaining to Nengi about the way she sat on Kiddwaya’s laps earlier.

Nengi then reassured Ozo that she and Kiddwaya are just friends and nothing more.

Ozo playfully told Nengi about one of his friends called Kelechi. According to him, Kelechi would say that it is from sitting on the lap that they would start licking their ears.

Nengi smiled and maintained that Kiddwaya is just her play partner. Nengi also told Ozo that Kiddwaya is the only one that matches her energy in the house. “Don’t take us seriously, ” she said to Ozo.

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