Black woman opens GoFundMe account for racists to fund her relocation from London

A Black woman named Jordene Phillips who lives in London has set up a GoFundMe account for racists who keep telling her to go back to her country to donate the money she can use to leave.

The GoFundMe fundraiser page which has the caption “Racist people fund me to leave London” has a set goal of £5,000 and has raised over £180 from 19 donors and still counting.

In the fundraiser account, Jordene Phillips wrote that she hates living in London because racists constantly tell her to go back to her country.

Jordene Phillips wrote:

“I am a black woman who hates living in London due to the racist idiots who tell me to go back to my country. This Gofundme is for them. They want me to go. I will happily leave. The British Government brought my ancestors here and lied to them.

“Now I’m born in this crap. They see my island as a holiday destination but tell my people it is violent and evil. They have convinced young British born Jamaicans that there’s no opportunities there. Listen, I’m done talking init.  PAY FOR MY TICKET DEN SINCE YUH BAD!”

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