Instagram comedian Maraji cries on video after being dumped by boyfriend

Popular Nigerian Instagram comedian Maraji recently posted an online video where she tearfully narrated the painful experience of being dumped by her boyfriend of two years.

Maraji said she decided to share the story of the painful heartbreak because people often think she is happy and laughing all the time.

Maraji said in the video:

“I was dumped by my sex for no apparent reason. Apparently, he likes someone else, so yea. It’s been a really tough month for me because it happened just last month so it’s been an extremely tough month. Just talking about it I feel like crying.”

Maraji said her friends have been mostly supportive, especially an Indian friend who calls and checks on her all the time.

Maraji added: “I just want to show you all this part of me because it feels I’m laughing all the time. Bad things happen to me too, you know.”

Watch the video of Instagram comedian breaking down in tears after being dumped by her boyfriend of two years:

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