Alex Ekubo receives Range Rover SUV from male friend

Nigerian actor Alex Ekubo has taken to his Instagram page to share his excitement over a new surprise gift he just received from a male friend.

The 34-year-old actor said he’s been saving money to buy himself an SUV but hasn’t been able to do so due to family problems.

Alex said he was shocked when a male friend of his invited him to his house and after they had dinner, he surprised him with the gift of a brand new Range Rover Autobiography.

The actor posted on Instagram:

“Good Morning everyone, So I’ve been saving to get myself an SUV for a while, but as you all know “problem no dey finish” especially “family problem”. Anyway long story short, I was torn btw getting my mum a car (which has been long overdue) or continue saving the money to buy my Suv. After thinking & praying about it, I was led by the spirit to sort mum first, so last week I got her a Toyota Venza.

“Yesterday a good friend called to congratulate me on been #ChiefIkuku & asked me to come to his house to celebrate the chieftaincy, little did I know he had a major surprise for me, after dinner, he gifted me this RANGE ROVER AUTOBIOGRAPHY, my people i’m still in utter shock & disbelief.

“See ehn! My humble advice to everyone, is to be a giver, for it is better to give than to receive, help others whenever you can, & keep your hands clean, never envy anyone’s success, your time will come. Good things come to those who wait. I am Grateful, I am Grateful, I AM GRATEFUL !!! WHAT GOD CANNOT DO, DOES NOT EXIST.”
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