‘You are bleaching too much’ – Fans tell actress Dayo Amusa

Fans of Nollywood actress and filmmaker Dayo Amusa have flooded her Instagram timeline with comments about her bleaching.

The 37-year-old actress recently posted a picture of herself looking very white and many of her fans opined under the photo that the actress is bleaching excessively and expressed worry over the health of her skin

A fan of the actress wrote:

“Dayo reduce your bleaching cream Oooo. You can not white like oyinbo na. Easy Oooo skin cancer Ooo.”

Another person wrote:

“Well for me all those saying you’re beautiful, are just fooling you it’s too much please.”

“This is not flawless oh. It’s kind of irritating to me. Too much of everything is not good. In fact, sometimes maintaining one’s natural color is the best,” wrote another.

The actress fired back at some of her critics, telling them to stop worrying about her.

Dayo Amusa is a popular Nollywood actress who has featured in over a dozen movies some of which she personally produced.

Some of Dayo Amusa’s most notable movies include:

  • Unforgivable (2013)
  • A Long Night (2015)
  • Emuke (2015)
  • That Which Binds Us (2018)
  • Omoniyun (2019)
  • Ololade Omo Baba Olowo
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