How to reset your PHCN prepaid meter in Nigeria

There are a number of reasons why you may need to reset your prepaid meter to get it working again.

To get rid of error and failure issues, or “Token Rejected” problems, you may need to reset the prepaid meter.

Since the move from NEPA to PHCN and the other changes that followed, more and more people are required to be actively involved in the way they consume power in Nigeria right now.

The prepaid meters currently shared by the power distribution companies (DISCOs) like Ikeja Electric and Eko Electricity are manufactured by different companies such as MEMMCOL, MOJEC, CIG and NHC.

Resetting your PHCN prepaid meter is especially important for first-time users who are trying to load the meter for the first time.

Code for resetting your PHCN prepaid meter in Nigeria

Step 1: Type 990 and press Enter.

Step 2: Then Type 0000 and press Enter. You will get a response – “Good”.

Step 3: Type 999 and press Enter. You will see “Reset.”

Step 4: Then remove the plug under the monitor/keypad and plug it back in.

Step 5: Try loading the token again.

You are all good and the error and failure issue previously experienced should disappear now.

Another Option:

Just in case the first code did not work, you can also try these ones:

Step 1: First enter 990

Step 2: Then enter 8888

Step 3: Then enter 999

After you have entered the codes, try your recharge PIN or token again.

Key Change Tokens and why you may need it

First of all, what are key change tokens? Key change tokens is a group of two 20-digit numbers that you are required to load into your prepaid meter when it keeps rejecting your purchased token.

Ideally, you are required to load your key change tokens first before inputting the purchased token. The key change tokens are usually labelled KCT 1 and KCT2, each with 20 digits just like a normal token.

How do you get a Key Change Token?

Most online electricity payment platforms like BuyPower will send you a key change token (if your meter needs it) alongside your regular token.

You can also generate one yourself at the meter activation page of your DISCO. Check this link for Ikeja Electric.

Alternatively, you should visit a physical branch and let an official know that your meter has been rejecting your token.

Additional information for first-time prepaid meter users:

If you’re recharging your meter for the first time, after resetting your meter, you need to enter a 40-digit token (unique to your meter) split 20 – 20. After entering the 40 digits, enter the 20 digits token purchased.

If the problem persists, contact your DISCO’s customer care. It is also advised that you buy your first token directly from the office so that you let them know it’s your first recharge.

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35 Comments on “How to reset your PHCN prepaid meter in Nigeria”

  1. Hello, thank you sir for this wonderful post,
    Am having a problem with the 40 digits token
    We have already wasted close to 12k to do this, but thanks to your post, but the last eddc man we call said we should go there main branch and to collect the 40 digits token which will cost me 10k, so am asking is the 10k necessary, and what other way to get that
    40 digits token without spending much I have already spend more than I expected, thanks please I need to hear from you very soon

  2. Please Sir/ma I’ve tried my possible best to enter the 40 digit number but it’s not containing the both 40 at once, so I don’t know if I should enter it 20 and send it, and enter the second 20 and send. Because the 40 can’t be type at once inside

  3. After loading my meter no light in the house and the token has entered inside the meter what caused it

    1. Someone should please advice on what to do, my metre is not have output supply(electricity) to the house despite have over 300kw/h unit on it.
      What could be responsible for this can I do it myself(DIY).

  4. sir I HV tried several times to load my token in the machine, is still showing reject and my light will finish any moment, and these metre is a new metre given to us. please sir here is my email, I will like u to send directions to me there.

  5. Hi, am trying to recharge my prepaid, but it rejecting showing error code. I used the two method of reset provided above, but, all were not successful. My meter is Turbor Energy. Am residing in Abuja. Anticipating ur respond sir.

  6. I have loaded my tokens when light returns the monitor will show error 3 what should I do please

  7. Hello, my prepaid meter i showing error 05, how can i get the reset error code for kaduna electric kayz aurora 2017 prepaid meter

  8. Please, I use memmcol meter,my first purchase,I told the them at their office and I wasn’t given any 40 digit code,I tried the code given and its bringing E-1 error(which bad token)..I tried to reset but its not working as well

  9. Please mine is this new meter model cu100 it is displaying -185 and am trying to reset using the codes u gave it showing error. Pls help

    1. Good afternoon sir our prepaid machine has been writing failed there is nothing we have not done to it it still writing failed they brought new prepaid box for us and when we imput our meter number it is still writing failed it been up to a month now

  10. I recharged my unit successfully but it keeps showing “TPR” and electricity isn’t supplied into my apartment

  11. There is light in the key pad but is not supplying to the house.
    Single face meter.
    Meter No:25113921495

  12. Please can someone help explain why the prepaid will be in negative charge when it finishes and have not been recharged.
    Whenever my unit finishes and my light goes off,I will recharge the prepaid but my light would never come on until light is taken and brought back.My annoyance is the negative charges I see when I want to recharge again while am not using light which means that the meter is still reading even in the absence of light

    1. Good day to you sir am under Ibedc the credit on my meter finish and I bought another credit and loads it it enter but don’t bring out light please what doi

  13. Good morning sir please have done everything u said here and it’s still rejecting it please help me been on this light issues since last week please please

  14. Good evening my meter is having issues the rest code is not working and the meter number is not linking with it, 45112428243, mojec meter please what can I do to rest it

  15. I want to pay my electricity bill, but it keeps showing an invalid meter number. The meter number is 45040163466, CIU-PH04 Mojec meter. Please, what can I do?

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