Principal of Deeper Life High School suspended over molestation of student

Mr Solomon Ndidi – the principal of Deeper Life High School Idoro located near Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, has been suspended following the molestation story of one of the school’s junior students, Don Davis Okezie.

Don Davis’s mother, Mrs Deborah Okezie had in a viral video alleged that her son was starved and also sexually violated by some senior pupils of the school.

According to Mrs Okezie, she saw her once healthy-looking son now completely emaciated during one of her visits to the school.

It was later learnt that the school’s principal had moved Don Davis to the senior pupils’ hostel as punishment for bedwetting.

While in the senior hostel, the students seized the opportunity to subject the poor boy to all manners of abuse, including starving him and inserting their hands into his behind.

Following the outcry Mrs Deborah’s story caused, the management of the school has suspended the said principal of the school as an investigation into the case continues.

Part of a statement from the school’s management reads:

“We want to assure the general public that investigations into the case have commenced and no culprits, whether staff or students, will be spared if found culpable at the end of the exercise. As an interim measure and to underscore the seriousness we attach to higher superintending values, the school principal has been suspended summarily even as further investigations continue.”

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