Another woman accuses Abuja doctor Alaska Obi of rape

Another woman has accused Abuja-based medical doctor Alaska Obi of rape after singer Queency Benna did the same earlier.

Alaska Obi’s new accuser did not reveal her name but said she’s willing to testify in court against the doctor.

The woman went live on Ubi Franklin’s Instagram to speak after Alaska Obi had come online to tell Ubi Franklin his side of the story.

The woman said that when she saw singer Queency Benna tell her story and other women coming out to say he has done same to them, she knew his time had come.

Describing how Alaska Obi allegedly raped her, the woman said it happened when she went to the doctor’s house in the morning to pick up a bag that was sent to her from the East through him.

She said while in Obi’s house, he locked his house and said she won’t leave. She said she screamed but no help came – not even from a lady she saw doing the doctor’s laundry when she entered the compound.

She then said Obi went ahead and raped her. When he was allegedly done, she said he knelt down and started begging for forgiveness.

Watch the video HERE.

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