6 known natural aphrodisiacs in Nigeria

Herbal aphrodisiacs are medicinal plants used to treat low libido and erectile and ejaculation problems in men. Men who find it hard to maintain a strong hard-on and those who reach climax at an abnormally fast time frequently seek treatment for these conditions. There are a lot of treatment and management options available for these conditions these days but most people opt for natural solutions based on the belief that they have fewer long-term side effects.

Natural and herbal aphrodisiacs are particularly common in Northern Nigeria. Vendors of this merchandise are not hard to see. You would spot jalabia-wearing burantashi vendors at bus parks and other public places selling these roots, nuts and powders to interested customers.

Most users of these herbal aphrodisiacs attest to their efficacy. In fact, a large number of customers confirm that they work. But it is not only in the North that you can find natural aphrodisiacs in Nigeria. Many of these natural products are available in different parts of the country.

Here are six common natural aphrodisiacs found in Nigeria:

1. Dankamaru powder

One of the most well known natural aphrodisiacs you find in Nigeria is the Burantashi powder. This powder comes from a highly medicinal tropical tree called Pausinystalia yohimbe.

Pausinystalia yohimbe is called “Dankamaru” in Hausa language and it is the root ingredient of the Burantashi powder commonly sold in public places in Nigeria. The aphrodisiac effects of “Dankamaru” has been known for generations, even before scientific studies confirmed this. Today, Pausinystalia yohimbe is commonly used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

2. Goron Tula

Also known as silky kola, Goron Tula has been used for centuries in the treatment of low libido and general infertility.

Goron Tula

The name “Goron Tula” literally means “Kola of Tula”, indicating one of the places the plant is found – the Tula village in Kaltungo Local Government Area of Gombe State. Goron Tula is also commonly found in Michika in Adamawa State.

The scientific name of Goron Tula is Azanza garckeana.

Studies have shown that chewing the sweet and chewy Goron Tula nuts helps to effectively boost sexual appetite. The nuts have also been used to treat vaginal dryness and has been found to be effective in keeping the female organ clean and fresh-smelling. Apparently, it is Goron Tula’s effectiveness in managing this condition that has made it an important ingredient in the manufacture of the popular kayanmata female syrup.

3. Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts are another Nigerian plant used in boosting sexual libido. Though the efficacy of tiger nuts as an aphrodisiac is still largely speculative, many users have confirmed chewing the nuts worked in improving their sexual appetite and stamina. Tiger nut milk, also called atadwe milk is fast gaining popularity as a commonly used aphrodisiac in Nigeria. In some cases, coconut and date fruit are also added to this milk to supposedly boost its efficacy.

4. Date Fruit

Dates are commonly used in Northern Nigeria to boost sexual stamina.

5. Bakin Gagai

Known as Bakin Gagai in Hausa, the botanical name of this plant is Fadogia agrestis. Bakin Gagai has been found to have strong aphrodisiac potential and has been used for years by Nigerian men to improve bedroom performance.

6. Velvet Bean

Velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens) is called “werepe” in Yoruba language and “agbala” in Igbo. Scientific studies have confirmed this plant contains alkaloids and other compounds that are effective in boosting sexual performance and virility.

It is very advised that this plant is handled with care as the mature bean pods contain spikes that can be extremely irritating to the skin.

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