All about Jekonmo – Nigeria’s new popular male performance enhancer

Jekonmo is a Nigerian herbal mixture popularly used as a sexual performance booster.

On the streets of Lagos, you will find women selling Alomo, Action, Babeje, Yoyo, Agbara, Orijin and all the other kinds of bitters and concoctions – mixtures touted for their ability to make men last longer in bed.

These mixtures and other similar concoctions belong to a group of drugs and herbs popularly called “Man Power” in Nigeria. The name is derived from the drugs’ ability to enhance sexual strength.

“Man Power” herbs are often localized with each tribe having what’s common and available to them.

Jekonmo is very common in Lagos and Ibadan. Even though it appears not to be as popular as the bitters group and some others, this “silent boss”, as one of the people we talked to put it, is revered among its users as the “super reliable”.

Meaning of “Jekonmo”

Jekonmo is a Yoruba word that literally translates to “Let Them Know”. The name appears to be a boastful representation of the drug’s supposed efficacy.

What’s Jekonmo made of?

On its label, the ingredients in Jekonmo are listed as:

  1. Aristolochia ringens (20%)Aristolochia ringens is a climbing plant that grows in Panama, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela and other parts of South America medicinally used for the treatment of snakebites, fever, ulcers, and colic.
  2. Curculigo pilosa (20%) – This herbaceous plant grows in all parts of tropical Africa and Madagascar. It is sometimes called African crocus and has for a long time been used to treat impotence in men and diabetes.
  3. Phyllanthus amarus (10%)Phyllanthus amarus is an Indian herb used in traditional medicine to treat menorrhagia (heavy periods), gonorrhoea and other kinds of genital infections.

Other ingredients found in Jekonmo are caramel (5%) and Burantashi (20%).

Burantashi which literally means “rise up, penis” is a local powder made from the bark of the Pausinystalia johimbe tree. Burantashi is popular among the Hausa and Fulani tribes of Northern Nigeria and has been reviewed by many writers as a powerful male sexual performance enhancer.

Where to buy Jekonmo and price

Jekonmo is mostly sold where other kinds of local herbal mixtures and bitters are sold. The current price for Jekonmo, according to our research as of February 2022, is between N250 to N300.

Does Jekonmo really work?

Like most mixtures of this nature, while most people maintain it worked excellently for them, a few others said they didn’t get much from it.

Mr Ademola, an Uber driver in Lagos, told our correspondent:

“It works for me. I have tried others but this one works. I mix it with origin. Double fire.”

Uche, from Okota, said:

“All these things do not work. What we have is God-given”.

A bike man (okada) we asked said Jekonmo truly works. “Ah, Oga, e dey shak. True”, he said, chuckling.

Our chief editor, Daniel Nkado, also admitted he had tried the mixture before.

“I think it worked. I think I was very charged.”

Is Jekonmo safe to use?

Unfortunately, it is not up to us to answer that. However, it is stated on its label that Jekonmo is NAFDAC-approved, meaning it is safe to consume.

Please note that it is also clearly stated that Jekonmo should not be used by pregnant women.

What does Jekonmo treat?

According to the manufacturers, Jekonmo works for the following conditions:

  • As “man extra power”
  • Pile
  • Waist pain and
  • Low sperm count.
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