Shocking videos of what some ‘Yahoo Boys’ do to make money

There is a popular saying in a small Nigerian village that “if you know what some rich people do to make money, you will choose to remain poor”.

A lot has been heard and seen to confirm the honesty of this saying. Yahoo boys is a Nigerian code name for boys who engage in internet fraud. You would think this is something a lot of people would quickly sneer at but that is not really so.

In parts of Lagos and other Nigerian big cities, yahoo boys are so admired that people regularly ask of ways to join the activity. It is not new to see Nigerian women openly declaring on social media that they would only date Yahoo boys.

There are so many Nigerian young people making legit money from businesses and paid work but this usually requires dedication and hard work. So for many, “doing Yahoo” has become the easiest way to make it. This thought process often goes without proper consideration of what these boys actually do. As already being witnessed, the game of fraud has become like a cult thing in Nigeria with boys doing the unthinkable and performing all kinds of rituals to become successful.

Some Yahoo boys have been caught on video eating human excreta, others eating raw meat and drinking blood, as part of a money-making ritual.

Note: These videos below may contain shocking material.

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