‘I sniff my husband’s boxers and armpit when I’m down’ – Sex therapist Angela Nwosu says

Nigerian sex therapist Angela Nwosu has disclosed on Facebook that she sniffs her husband’s boxers and armpit whenever she is in a low mood.

According to Angela, sniffing her husband’s boxers and armpit instantly uplifts her mood. She then went on to encourage other women to try sniffing their husband’s boxers and armpit too and see how great it feels.

The sex therapist alleged that sniffing boxers and armpit also reduces quick temper in women.

Angela Nwosu wrote:

“I sniff my husband’s boxers and armpit, when I am down, it lifts my spirit and get me hyped instantly. You guys might not understand the feeling, it intoxicates. As long as your husband is a neat man, try it and see. It Reduces quick temper. Thank me later #angienation Udo!”

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