Meaning and origin of the ‘Lori Iro’ hashtag on Twitter

Valentine is around the corner so it is not new to see strange hashtags trending on social media at this time.

From ‘Stingy Men Association‘ to ‘Olosho‘, the Nigerian social media space is ever buzzing with entertaining hashtags during this period.

The latest hashtag as of today is ‘Lori Iro’ and the trend is currently spreading like wild fire on both Twitter and Instagram.

Meaning and Origin of Lori Iro

‘Lori Iro’ is a Yoruba term that literally translates to “on top lies” in English.

It is a play word describing the harsh realities of today’s relationships. The trend first started from a video of a supposed prophet using the term in his preaching.

Here is the original ‘Lori Iro’ video:

The term depicts the many unbelievable lies lovers usually tell in relationships. All those “you are the sugar in my tea” kind of lies.

As at the time of publishing this post, the hashtag “Lori Iro” is one of the today’s top trends on Twitter.

In fact, Twitter users have found the term also applies to several other aspects of human living apart from relationships and dating.

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