#SilhoutteChallenge videos take over Nigerian Twitter

The hashtag #SilhoutteChallenge is currently the number one trending topic on the Nigerian Twitter space today, as at the time of publishing this post.

You would imagine a conservative country like Nigeria would shy away from a social media trend that involves obscenity- that’s not the case.

Twitter Nigerians likes to have fun and “catching cruise” is their motto.

Nigerians are jumping on the latest #SilhoutteChallenge like every other people. Those who are not posting their own videos are sitting back and watching and having fun.

The #SilhoutteChallenge has had such a huge reception in Nigeria that it has inspired other mini trends and hashtags such as “Ashewo” – a Nigerian term for a prostitute and “Vaseline” – another code word for self-pleasing.


Spotted: A Nigerian lady said she would have joined the #SilhoutteChallenge but she is keeping her body for her man:


Someone has an important piece of advise:

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