Woman accuses actress Uche Elendu of lying about her daughter’s age, she blasts her

A fan of Nollywood actress Uche Elendu has accused her on Instagram of constantly lying about her daughter’s age.

The Instagram user (@dato_sharon_cross) told the actress to stop saying her daughter is four years old. According to her, Uche Elendu’s daughter should be 6 years old because she gave birth at the same time as her.

She wrote:

“Uche your daughter should be 6 years old you give birth to her in 2015 in America before IU give birth to my daughter months later every year she is 4 years old na wa000 na some mothers dey drop their children age teaching them how to lie with age na waooo you were with my baby father in the US when you had your baby shower….why removing two years every year 4 years not nice what do u gain in doin that”.

When the actress spotted the comment, she responded, blasting the commenter.

The 34-year-old actress wrote:

“Are u crazy? Oh yes you’re clearly demented. R u mad? R u gonna tell me how old my daughter is you this idiot? Better go check out your mental health state, cos this daughter of mine was born in April 2016.”

Still angry over the lady’s comment, the actress continued:

“I try so hard to ignore trolls on this App but it’s very obvious that some really need to be put in their place, especially when it has to do with my family life, Like it’s the Audacity for me, can this woman be telling me when I had my baby?? Did your so-called baby daddy also say he got me pregnant in 2015??? Jeez, u guys need to chill, yall claim to know me more than I know myself. Freaking STOP IT Pikin wey dey drink better milk Dano Vita kids milk, why she no go big pass her age??”

Uche Elendu told the Instagram user that her daughter grew past her age because she drinks Dano Milk.

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