What we know about Reno Omokri’s recent marriage scandal

Reno Omokri and wife, Tuokpe

An online newspaper The Will Nigeria published a report on May 16, 2021, alleging that Goodluck Jonathan’s ex-media aide, Reno Omokri has abandoned his wife and welcomed a new baby with another woman based in the UK.

According to the publication, Mr Reno Omokri had not travelled to London for the #HarassBuhariOutofParis campaign as he made people believe but had only travelled to London because that’s where his lover resides.

Reno Omokri has denied the allegations of the report in a fresh statement, describing the claims as “false, salacious and scandalous”.

He said the publication is being used as a political tool to target the “perceived opponents” of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Reno Omokri and newborn daughter

Read Reno Omokri’s statement below:

Yesterday (Sunday, May 16, 2021), I declared my intention to convene a #HarassBuhariOutofParis peaceful protest, between Monday, May 17, 2021 and Tuesday, May 18, 2021, and this morning we woke up to a salacious and scandalous story about me, that I will not even want to repeat.

A Nigerian proverb says the bird flew at night, and the baby died in the morning.

The story is false. If you look at the platform that originally carried the story, it becomes obvious that it is being sponsored by the Presidency, to distract me from going to Paris, because they know that the Africa-France summit is an international platform and any protest will highlight the failures of General Muhammadu Buhari. That platform is notorious for pro-government stories.

I am not the first perceived opponent of the Buhari administration to be targeted by them, neither will I be the last. You only need to visit the site.

I have never and can never engage in premarital or extramarital sex. I abhor it. God forbid! I am so loathed to even respond to such a malicious attack on me by the Buhari administration. And I will not be baited to talk about private family issues publicly.

Suffice to say that I have never had, and will never have a child out of wedlock. To me, it is best ignored because the devil is a known liar, and that is who has inspired those behind this story. Nobody can break my focus. After we are done with the Paris protest, my lawyers and I will sit down to decide if and when we should sue.

Lest I forget, do you love Nigeria? Are you based in Paris? Join us for the #HarassBuhariOutOfParis peaceful protest tomorrow, 12 noon, Paris Time, at the Temporary Exhibition Centre, in front of the Eiffel Tower. Buhari can’t be globetrotting, while Nigeria is drifting. Go back and fix Nigeria!

Reno Omokri

Following Reno Omkri’s denial of the report, The Will Nigeria ran another story, alleging that Reno Omokri’s current wife, Tuokpe Omokri, while confirming that she and Reno are still legally married stated that she does not have a newborn baby for Reno.

Recall that Reno Omokri’s former boss, ex-President Goodluck Jonathan congratulated him on May 8, 2021, on both Facebook and Twitter over the recent birth of his baby girl named Weyinmi Ebele.

The congratulatory message read:

“I congratulate Pastor Reno Omokri and his family on the dedication of their daughter, Weyinmi Ebele, at the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

May my namesake, Baby Ebele, grow up in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man. And may she display the same spirit of loyalty, intelligence, and a very high level of commitment that Reno typifies. In Christ’s Name. GEJ.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan

These scandalous reports of infidelity are coming barely a week after Reno Omokri took to social media to criticize women who have babies out of wedlock.

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